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Our Pastor.......Rev. Albert Featherstone

"A Man After God's Own Heart"

​  Albert Featherstone grew up in the City of Richmond and became rebellious in the home and lived a life of crime and drug addiction for seventeen years. After being in much trouble with the law Al surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ on January 27th 1985. Upon surrendering his life to the  Lord Jesus Christ he surrendered to the Police reports and transcripts of the preliminary hearings, and was found guilty. In honor of Justice he served a seven-year sentence and was released from the California Department of Correction, at San Quentin, on October 30th 1987. He returned to the City of Richmond, and his church family at Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, where he served 14 years as Sunday School Teacher, Youth Leader, and six years as Assistant to the Pastor.
   In May of 1988, Albert Featherstone acknowledged his calling to the ministry. In August of the same year, he began working with the Christian Believers (CB) Organization under the leadership of Dr Gloria Yancey. He founded an ex-offenders group called Yoke-Fellow which he facilitated on Friday nights. Minister Featherstone preached many of the outreaches in the high crime areas of the greater East Bay.   In 1990, Minister Featherstone returned to San Quentin and starting during Cell-to-Cell ministry. As a result, of his ability to be faithful, available, and teachable, Chaplain Earl Smith allowed him the opportunity to teach a bible class on Thursday night, called the “Monthly Theme.” In addition, 1993-2005 he coordinates quarterly revivals, 1994-1996 held special services for the most violent offenders on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. 
    In January of 1994, Minister Featherstone was ordained an Elder in the Church of God In Christ, in the California Western Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, under the leadership of Bishop Jessie Dickens. ​ Elder Featherstone is married to Janice Featherstone, and they were members of McGlothen Temple Church of God in Christ, from 2003-2012 under the leadership of Superintendent John A. Jennings in Richmond, California.  Supt. John A. Jennings serves as the Senior Administrative Assistant to Bishop W.W. Hamilton, of California North West Jurisdiction. Elder Featherstone served as Youth Pastor and District Evangelist President of the Greater Richmond District from 2004-2012.

   In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Elder Featherstone partnered with the City of Richmond through the Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS) in countless ways to help transform lives of young men who are deeply entrenched in gun violence. He has provided Fatherhood Enrichment and Male Accountability classes which consist of such topics as; Man’s Essential Make-Up, Violence Prevention, Addictions, Relationships, and Conflict Meditation Facilitation. In this regard, he has provided a bible class in the West County Detention Facility weekly, one-on-one in Martinez Detention facility. In addition, he worked with the mission Department of McGlothen’s Mission department, providing food giveaways and religious services in the North Richmond Community. Elder Featherstone helped the City of Richmond increase street outreach and community building capacity. This was done by identifying and attracting a life skills training resource to the City for Pastors, Service Providers and Workers of ONS to bring awareness and solutions that can create healthy conditions in Richmond.
   In 2012, Elder Featherstone was elected as the Senior Pastor of Christian Home Missionary Baptist Located in the City of Richmond CA. The ministry is located in the Iron Triangle, the central section of Richmond. This section of Richmond is known for its’ violence, high crime rate, drug dealing and substance abuse. Pastor Featherstone comes with a vision to start programs for the community, such as a soup kitchen, clothes for the homeless, food giveaway and life skills classes to rebuild structure in the home and stimulate hope in the citizen of this community. He is an active member of the Board of Directors for Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay Inc. Workforce Development.
 Pastor Featherstone is committed to helping the religious and secular communities avoid mistakes that will have a negative and unhealthy impact. He has demonstrated a changed life for 31 years, hard work, consistency, for over 26 years and 2 months to CDCR. He was a Beige card holder for 22 years and six months.  Rev. Albert Featherstone is a positive force of change in the community; he is a true change agent.